Scotland Considers Offering Free Abortions to Women from N. Ireland – We Must Urge Them Not To

Speaking at Holyrood earlier this month, Scottish Green party co-convener Patrick Harvie asked: “Does the First Minister agree that the NHS in Scotland should be exploring what can be done to ensure that [women from Northern Ireland] are able to access abortion in Scotland…?” Nicola Sturgeon responded: “I am happy to explore that with the NHS”, adding: “I believe, like Patrick Harvie, that women should have the right to choose”. A spokesman for the First Minister later confirmed that she is “very sympathetic” to Mr Harvie’s suggestion.

Source: Scotland Considers Offering Free Abortions to Women from N. Ireland – We Must Urge Them Not To

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Padre Peregrino The Last Sunday and the Last Day on Earth –

This podcast is not based on private revelation but rather the things that the Bible and the Catechism say must come at the end of time:  The Great Tribulation and Apostasy, the Anti-Christ versus the Restrainer.   At the final end we see the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Final Judgment, the destruction of earth and the Resurrection … Continue reading The Last Sunday and the Last Day on Earth →

Source: Padre Peregrino The Last Sunday and the Last Day on Earth –

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Keep Digging!

Dig, Dig and you will find an emotionally insecure young person who has so many hang-ups that they may even prefer the rigidity or the ‘Archaic’ Latin Mass (and probably be mentally ill)! Not only do I not understand it – I DON’T BELEIVE IT!!! – Not only that, but Pope Benedict let you have the old Latin Mass back because you are so old and stupid that you can’t change and it will soon be on it’s way out again!

Forgive my paraphrasing  – In my experience, in a discussion, the habit of insulting your opponent either means that you are intellectually inept or that the position that you are trying to propose is untenable.

The trouble with someone who (wittingly or unwittingly) has bought into the modernist ideology is that the excuse for the last 50 years has been that it is the only way to keep the Church relevant to ‘young people’ in the ‘modern world’.

Consequently, when the younger generation (who are naturally idealistic, as reason starts to enlighten their thinking before the cynicism of engrained sinful habits dulls the intellect and soul) want to strive to worship God with total sincerity and love, their position becomes so contradictory that they lash out against it in a totally irrational manner.

Assuming that Pope Francis is a sincere man, I pray that he may have a ‘Damascus moment’ and lead the Church forward into a new future based in the Truth of the Tradition of the past.

Pray for Pope Francis! (Personally, I have never prayed for any past Pope as much as I now pray for our present one).

The Last Battle

In these times of tribulation can I suggest that you read/reread ‘The Last Battle’ by C S Lewis.

For those who don’t know, it is the final book about Narnia in his children’s series – However, you don’t have to be a child to benefit from these books. The confusion and misdirection is eerily familiar and the lie that it doesn’t really matter which religion you follow – one that worships Christ (Aslan) or one that worships the devil (Tash) – because all religions are basically the same sounds almost prophetic.

I am always reticent to in any way imply criticism of the pope, but, with the astonishing contradictions that seem to be emanating from him, I do some times wonder whether Pope Francis is Puzzle the ass or Shift the ape.

I pray that, if he is either, for his own sake it is Puzzle.

Cling to the foot of the Cross in the company of Mary and keep the Faith!