Taken from ‘Perspectives in Theology

Editorial, Faith, Vol. 16, no. 3, May/June 1984.

In our day an ever-increasing number of scientists are rediscovering God, and an enormous and exciting potential is offered to the Church in the follow-up to this discovery.

The Second Vatican Council is already twenty years ago. What are the fair fruits of its hopes and prayers? In the Western world of the older, mature Christendom at least, the results are nearer to a fiasco. The hopes for apostolate have run out of steam. We failed to see the signs of the times twenty and even thirty years ago. The signs were there, the message of the Spirit was given, but men had not the humility to listen. There is offered now another chance to seize eagerly upon that very principle of the communion of science with revelation, which was at the heart of the aggiornamento the Church was looking for and praying for. So far, the very call for a modernisation of the Church’s pastoral life, and of the framework through which she taught men her philosophy and theology of God, has meant in its main stream only the infiltration of that now very old heresy of Modernism, which is the reason for the fiasco of the post-conciliar period up to now.  …………..

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